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Dahlia Care are a South East Queensland based in home care provider.

We like to think they do things differently, by ensuring the Dahlia Care Team understand your needs, expectations and desires. Dahlia Care then work closely to achieve the best result for you to have and maintain

your independence whilst being cared for in your home.

'Some people care too much. I think it's called love.'

- Winnie the Pooh


Dahlia Care have a wide variety of services and by discussing your priorities with them, we can put together a plan that ensures your needs are met.


Like a good pair of shoes or a tailored suit, there is nothing quite like

finding that perfect fit!

Dahlia Care start all of their relationships by asking basic, but pertinent questions. In an emergency sometimes that is all there is time for!

From these initial conversations we are able to ascertain the 'must have',

the important wants and the 'would be nice'.


Dahlia Care can then work with you about the type of funding you may

have in place, how to apply for funding, or if you are self-funding,

what is your budget. From this a detailed care plan can be produced.

This care plan is a collaboration between you and Dahlia Care, you have

the final say and we will ensure your expectations are managed and met.



Being a carer is a vocation, it takes a very special type of person to be a great care giver. Dahlia Care know that you and your families are doing the best you can and we want to enhance the support you already may have in place.

The Dahlia Care team are chosen not just because they meet the minimum qualification needs, but also because they have that 'x-factor', the special ingredient that makes Dahlia Care different.

We recognise that our team do not always have an easy job and often having care in the home is the last thing our clients want, because of this Dahlia Care like to match our clients and carers.

This can be done through common interests, cultural backgrounds, sometimes that spark can come from a sport both parties enjoy. It is important that our clients feel like they have had a 'visit' rather than a 'service' and our staff have a great day at work.



Dahlia Care are able to facilitate visits for NDIS clients who are either Plan Managed or Self-Managed. We have extensive experience in forming care plans that incorporate the various different entitlements within your plan.

Dahlia Care ensure that our care supports are structured towards you achieving your NDIS goals.



Dahlia Care know that understanding and working through the My Aged Care system can be daunting and not exactly straight forward. Our Team has a great understanding of the ways and means you can access our services and are able to guide you through, being your sounding board at every step of the journey.


Dahlia Care have the ability to offer brokered care to those who have an approved My Aged Care package provider. It may be that you are using some

of the new 'self-managed' models. Dahlia Care are here to help and

work alongside you, whichever path you choose.


Who knows what life is going to throw at us next? Dahlia Care have an adaptable model allowing us to respond quickly at times when emergency care is needed. It may be that your full-time carer is taken ill and you need some back up, just give us a call and we can assist with getting some

support to you ASAP.

Dahlia Care can also give you advice of who to call when this type of situation occurs and feel free to tap into our industry knowledge with any queries.

Dahlia Care love to help and can be the calm in the storm!



If you are privately funding your care or topping up your government supports, Dahlia Care can easily facilitate this for you. Our pricing is a flat rate structure to keep things simple. Dahlia Care will still carry out our usual onboarding process to guarantee we have a proficient care plan in place to cover your needs.


Dahlia Care services include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Social Support - grocery shopping, community access, learning everyday skills, getting out and about.

  • Respite - this can be in your home or Dahlia Care can take you out and about. This can also be overnight.

  • Personal Care - Showering, grooming, personal hygiene, feeding.

  • Welfare Support - Checking in, medication prompting, meal preparation.

  • Domestic Support - light cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, washing, ironing.

  • Palliative - offering carer respite to combat carer burnout, overnight supports, medication prompting, working alongside your GP and RN services.

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