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The Therapy Collective is a Queensland based supplier of high quality assistive technology, designed to optimise function and independence and enhance experience for living.

We are interested in how functional performance can be elevated by selection of the right assistive technology product; and we are motivated by using innovation in the pursuit of positive clinical outcomes.


The Disability Support Centre currently stocks the Vicair range supplied by the therapy collective. Customers are able to come in store and see the product before purchasing. We are also set up to provide trials for the Vicair Mattress, we are the only showroom in Queensland with this mattress. 


Amy Vincent | Director and Occupational Therapist

The Therapy Collective was founded by Occupational Therapist Amy Vincent, who has extensive experience working in clinical and healthcare management roles in Australia and the United Kingdom. Amy’s expertise includes, but is not limited to, the areas of aged care, acute and chronic injury management, chronic disease management, neurological rehabilitation and palliative care, working with clients of all ages across the public and private sectors.




A complete range of high quality pressure care products including wheelchair cushions, wheelchair backrest cushions and mattress replacements. Each product is filled with hundreds of air filled Vicair SmartCells. The shape and structure of the SmartCells allows them to move easily against each other and to conform precisely to the body's contours. The result is maximal comfort, stability and superior pressure distribution.  


Obi is a robotic feeding device that gives people who have difficulties feeding themselves a greater level of independence and choice when eating.  The Obi works by automating the motion of a human arm and allows the user to not only select the food they would like to eat, but also dictate the pace at which they eat.


VELA Tango is a series of office chairs developed to facilitate activity and independence at home, school and/or in the work place. The unique central brake ensures stability and safety, particularly during transfers on and off the chair and when working.  The Vela chair is a mobile chair, with four smoothly running wheels that enable easy self-propulsion using the feet.  


Vicair Technology

Vicair Products

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 1.24.30 PM.png


Designed to offer optimal pressure redistribution.

  • Appropriate for use with patients who have Stage I-IV pressure injuries.

  • No pump or any other accessories required. 

  • Does not need to be adjusted to accommodate patients of different weights. 

  • Ideal for regional and remote settings where there is limited access to electricity and/or timely servicing. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 1.35.45 PM.png


The compartment layout enables additional pelvic stability.

  • The Vicair Vector allows for offloading of vulnerable areas around the ischial tuberosities and coccyx. 

  • The compartment layout enables additional pelvic stability, guidance for upper leg positioning, comfort and optimal skin protection.

  • Available in 10cm or 6cm height cushions. 

  • There are greater possibilities for adjustment using the 10cm height.

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 1.25.46 PM.png


Individually adjustable to support more extreme asymmetry.

  • The Vicair Adjuster automatically manages small obliquities and is individually adjustable to support more extreme asymmetry.

  • The design of this wheelchair cushion allows total immersion, for optimal pressure redistribution and prevents sliding forward in the seat.

  • There are greater possibilities for adjustment using the 10cm height.

Product Trials

An important step in prescribing the right assistive technology, is the opportunity to try the equipment.  The Therapy Collective recognises that trialling equipment in the context of the client's home, school or work environment is integral to the decision making process and we will work with clinicians to facilitate practical equipment trials.  

Our trials will involve support and guidance at all stages of the process.  Assistance with product selection, adjustments, customisations and clinical justification for funding applications are all aspects that The Therapy Collective can provide support with to ensure a stress-free, uncomplicated and enjoyable process for all. 


The Therapy Collective is happy to work with individual therapists, allied health teams or organisations to facilitate multiple client trials, product inservices and demonstrations.  


Please get in touch to arrange a trial.  

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