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In store, we have a range of different medication aid options. These include weekly pill packing systems that are managed in the home, or pharmacy packed blister packs or rolls that can be arranged to be NDIS subsided.

We also have the ability to deliver these medication packs weekly to your home, with this cost also being subsidised by the NDIS*. Looking for more information? Contact us to discuss with a pharmacist which option would be more suitable for you.


Delivery rates and changes vary depending on location of the participant.*

  • Convenient and securely sealed.

  • Affordable and transportable.

  • Ensures you take the right dose at the right time.


Safe + Sound Pill Boxes

Having trouble keeping track of your daily medications? Keep on top of your routine with one of our Pill Organisers. With options including easy push buttons, braille and multiple sizes - there's one for everyone. 

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